Team Rockstars Update and Exclusive Trainings Coming Soon

Morning Team Rockstars!

Wanted to get out a quick Video Update for y’all!

The New MyFunLife Compensation plan is in full effect, and I can say with certainty it is NOT negatively affecting sponsoring!  By bringing our pricing up to be comparable with the competition, I’ve found people reaching out to me no longer worried if MyFunLife was one of those ‘cheap’ MLM deals!

Yes, it appears that while our Products were Amazing, some people were concerned just how serious could a $25/month opportunity be?

And, as I’ve said before, those previously who’d contacted me where the price was a major concern almost (almost!) every time were just tire-kickers.

So in this video I talk about how exciting it is to see the new compensation plan in place, the excitement it’s bringing, AND a couple of brand new training courses I’m working on that will be made available to My MyFunLife Team at NO COST!

(once they’re done of course!)

Just one more reason this is the BEST Team in MyFunLife!

Jon Patrick


MyFunLife FunTrip – 4 Day Western Caribbean Cruise – MyFunLife Members Save 30percent

MyFunLife FunTrip

MyFunLife FunTrip shows Real Savings for Members!

I just wanted to share this quick video with you today – one of our recent MyFunLife FunTrip for December of this year is a 4 day cruise around the Western Caribbean!

Our prices start at $125 per person.  Do your research and you’ll find you could book the same cruise for starting at $179 per person!

Yes, MyFunLife members save over 30%!

This is just one example of how My Fun Life and our MyFunLife FunTrip product make this the Best Network Marketing Opportunity available!

Enjoy your Life and build a Lifestyle you dream of!

 Jon Patrick

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New MyFunLife Compensation Plan

Corporate Unveils the New MyFunLife Compensation Plan

Ramping up to May 15th, MyFunLife is making BIG moves, and here’s the New MyFunLife Compensation Plan for your enjoyment!

Already a leader offering Travel Products that can save members Hundreds on their travel, as well as cash-back through your own booking engine, and an unbeatable home-business Opportunity as well, You can get started NOW, until May 15th for just $25, when the price goes up to $200 to join and $50 a month!

The Amazing travel Deals remain, but now Business Builders in MyFunLife are going to be Rewarded MUCH MORE for their efforts!

This is the official Corporate MyFunLife Compensation Plan for your review and excitement!

Don’t Wait! Now is the Time to ACT and join one of the fastest growing Teams in MFL!

Jon Patrick

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MyFunLife Sizzle Weeks for 4.23.14

New MyFunLife Sizzle Weeks are listed now!

One key MyFunLife Product is our Members-Only Sizzle weeks!

These are all week-long stays at resorts around the world, offered at super-special prices and typically for fast-movers.  These deals are only available to Members of MyFunLife and not to the general public!

Well, the newest one is out:

MyFunLife Sizzle Weeks for 4.23.14Let’s take a closer look at the Peppertree Atlantic Beach in North Carolina for May 10-17.

That is a 2 bedroom that sleeps 6, for a week-long price of $350!

Peppertree AtlanticThe above is from TripAdvisor and you can see that the general public would not even be able to find a room for the given week!

So, let’s compare with the top recommended other resorts nearby.  You can see they average about $100 a night.

So, if you were to book by yourself, you’d spend about $700 – double the $350 you’d pay for a week-long stay as a MyFunLife member at Peppertree!

Reviews are positive too!  Here’s a sampling:

What a great way to spend a vacation. We found the condo style room, complete with kitchen and living room, a huge improvement over staying in a hotel

We really enjoyed our stay here…..The recreation part of the resort, AMAZING! You have 3 very clean and well maintained pools, one which is indoor heated….Location, depending on what you’re looking for was great. Right outside the resort entrance and 1/4 block down is a shopping plaza. … The plaza has a 4 movie cinema, grocery store, dollar tree, subway, and ice cream to name a few. Lots of stuff in walking distance.

We really enjoyed our stay at Peppertree Resort, Atlantic Beach. We stayed in a 2 bedroom, condo with ocean view. It was newly remodeled and attractive. The staff is friendly and committed to excellence. I’m pretty picky about cleanliness and even I was impressed! The linens are new and plush…

MyFunLife Sizzle Weeks for 4.23.14 represent real value for members of MyFunLife!  Whether you’re looking for discounts on your Travel, or looking for a home-based business opportunity to share with others, MyFunLife is fast-moving, exciting, and our Active Team is Ready to Help YOU!

Jon Patrick

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New MyFunLife Compensation Plan Unveiled!

Corporate Webinar Reveals New MyFunLife Compensation Plan


This is mind-blowing, out of this WORLD exciting!

The Corporate webinar last night has unveiled some Major changes to MyFunLife, including dramatic improvements to the New MyFunLife Compensation Plan!

First, we all know the MyFunLife Opportunity has been cheap, like really cheap.  When our competition is charging $500-$1000+ just to join and sometimes $100+ a month, our $25 deal is a steal.

The problem is, $25 only goes so far to compensate you for your efforts.

(also, as a personal note, I’ve found those that join because it’s “cheap” never, ever do anything with the opportunity!)

So after review and discussion with the organization, the Company has completely revamped our pay and released a New MyFunLife Compensation Plan!

Cost under the New MyFunLife Compensation Plan

First, Starting May 1, 2013, it will cost $250 to join, which includes your first month’s membership, with monthly membership rising to $50

For a potential six or 7-figure business, this is a STEAL!

But that’s only the start, because any increase is being passed on to the hardworking distributors in a BIG WAY!

Pay under the New MyFunLife Compensation Plan

This is where it gets shockingly exciting!

This is still being pulled together, so I’m going to share the Corporate Webinar in it’s entirely below.

Just a couple of quick highlights:

  • Matrix expands to 3×12 from 3×10 – dramatically increasing your potential income!
  • Payouts per level increase dramatically!  Get your first 2 levels full (12 people) and your membership is FREE!
  • Leadership pools!
  • Rank bonuses from $250 to $300,000 one-time!
  • Check Matching!

This is Amazing and Fantastic News!  If you’re not excited after watching this you’re either 1) Dead or 2) not in it for the Business and Income potential!

Want to know more about the Company and the Quality, Ethical Leadership we have?  Watch the above video!

The fence isn’t comfortable, and NOW is the time to get started before prices go up! Just click on a banner to the right to take your Free Tour Today!

Jon Patrick

A Travel MLM is a Lifestyle Decision

Your Travel MLM: Income and a Lifestyle!

travel mlm

There are tons of ways to earn an income online, but when someone makes the choice to join a Travel MLM like My Fun Life, they’re making a decision beyond just an income opportunity from home.

They’re making a conscious decision to create a Lifestyle business for themselves!

Travel MLM is more than money

Dig into the goals and aspirations of most people, and yes they’re interested in money, but it’s more than that.  It’s time freedom.  It’s being at their kids sporting events or school events.  It’s about having the time to finally pursue some of those interests they’ve had, whether it’s to take up an instrument, a martial art, a new sport! And, Yes, Travel often makes the Top-5 of any list!

The ability to see the world and experience new things!

Let’s be honest, any home-based business can pay an income, but a Travel MLM gives you those experiences you’ll keep with you forever as well!

Travel MLM is a Lifestyle you share!

If most people are trapped in a dead end job, unappreciated by their bosses and desperately searching for an option in their life, then a Travel MLM like My Fun Life is easy to share!

Whether it’s the fantastic deals members have available to them, the income opportunity itself, as you grow and experience life you share your stories, and your pictures, with others on social media.

It’s a simple formula:

People want a better Lifestyle = You share how they can have it with your business!

Show others that there is an option, and an opportunity, to earn and income and enjoy life.

There’s an old saying:

“Make a Living, Living!”

And that’s what we’re all about.  Share the opportunity, share the vacations you can now enjoy, and others will be attracted to you and your lifestyle.

Come from a place of helping others, and show them how they can, for a low $25 investment, be part of the My Fun Life Team and enjoy discounted Travel.  Show them how to take photos and videos of their travel and life and help others break free!

People want that life, that freedom, and that income.

With a Travel MLM you have so much more to offer than just an ‘income’ to talk about, and more than the latest shiny-object product.

You have the opportunity to share and improve another’s Lifestyle at the same time!

Jon Patrick

PS – if you haven’t taken your Free Tour yet of the My Fun Life opportunity and how you can improve your families Lifestyle, just click one of the banners to the right!


MyFunLife versus World Ventures

MyFunLife versus World Ventures Smackdown!

MyFunLife versus World Ventures

Okay, not really!  :)  Until we found My Fun Life, one company I had looked seriously at was World Ventures – and recently I was asked why I chose My Fun Life over them.

To answer this, I thought I’d do a quick breakdown of the 2 companies, but not a full review.

Let me start this with two quick things.

First is, I highly respect World Ventures and while I admit (as a MyFunLife Representative) I have a certain bias, I will strive to be fair. They’re a large, successful, and respected company.

Second is this: I like things that are simple to explain and understand. Simple is duplicatible. Duplication is a key to success in Network Marketing.  As you’ll see, World Ventures is far from simple to explain – with tons of mismatched information online.

So let’s dive in to our MyFunLife versus World Ventures cage match! (again, not really)

MyFunLife versus World Ventures Products

Both companies offer legitimate, money saving products, that are similar but different.

My Fun Life has 3 Products, our ChaChing booking engine, FunTrips, and FunCondos.  ChaChing can be used by anyone you share your link with, and you earn a commission (amount varies).  FunTrips and FunCondos products are for members only.

World Ventures has 3, 4 or 5 products, depending on where you’re looking!

This is my single biggest complaint, and it comes up over and over again as you do research on the company.

Go find 3 different reviews online, and you’ll find 3 different versions of the products and compensation/cost.

Even information from the company is confusing: The World Ventures site lists 3 products, while the compensation plan lists 5 products:

  • DreamTrips
  • DreamTrips Life
  • International DreamTrips Life
  • Luxury DreamTrips
  • DreamTrips U

So, what’s the truth? How many products do they have?  Honestly, I have no clue.  The WV website only lists the DreamTrips, DreamTrips Life, and Luxury DreamTrips.

The other 2 aren’t mentioned at all.

Regardless, all appear to be for paying members only.

MyFunLife versus World Ventures Cost

 My Fun Life has one flat fee – your $25 membership fee. That’s it.  No sign-up fees at all, no extra fees for back office or marketing system.

World Ventures has several fees for their various products, and unfortunately it’s really, really unclear whether there is an overall fee just to join the company.  It appears it is, and it’s about $365.

Further, it seems each World Ventures product has it’s own cost just to join, as well as a monthly fee associated.

  • Product Name, Signup cost, Monthly fee
  • DreamTrips   $199.95   $26.99
  • DreamTrips Life $199.95   $54.99
  • International DreamTrips Life  $199.95  $49.99
  • Luxury DreamTrips  $999.99   $99.99
  • DreamTrips U   $99.99   $20.99

So, regardless of the number of products, signup fee, or monthly fee – it’s far more expensive to join World Ventures.

MyFunLife versus World Ventures Products Compensation

It’s beyond the intent of this article to go into a detailed breakdown of each company’s compensation plan, but let’s take a brief look and you’ll see the point I get too.

My Fun Life Compensation has 4 ways to earn:

  • Commissions from the ChaChing booking engine,
  • the 3×10 matrix (where you’re paid on everyone below you in the matrix*),
  • coded bonuses
  • check match on your personal enrollments.

* Greater personally sponsored leads to higher levels ‘unlocked’.

World Ventures is a bit more complex and harder to explain.

It’s based on a binary compensation, with a personal enrollments factor that triggers payouts.

See, each product ‘sold’ carries a “credit” with it.  For example, a DreamTrips monthly membership is 1 credit, a Luxury DreamTrips is 3.

Each ‘cycle’ is 3 credits on your left and a matching 3 credits on your right, and pays out up to $15 depending on the rank you’ve achieved.  These reoccuring charges become your monthly residual income.

And, for each sale you make you earn a direct commission off the initial fee.

Of course, you have to qualify for your residual income….  and your maximum pay is dictated by your qualifying level.

The most basic qualifying level is called Senior Representative, and you have to have 30 active customers on both left and right legs.

World Ventures also has some additional bonuses, such as the Director bonus, DreamCar bonus, and DreamHome bonus.

Honestly, if you think I’m being deliberately obtuse, you can check out the World Ventures Compensation Plan for yourself!

MyFunLife versus World Ventures Conclusion

For me and my family, we knew we wanted to build a LifeStyle Business and a Travel MLM was the vehicle we wanted to find.

My Fun Life came along at the right time, with products and compensation that are easy to explain.  When it came down to MyFunLife versus World Ventures, there was one deciding factor:


Simplicity and ease of understanding is KEY in this business!  If it’s complicated, people won’t understand and what they don’t understand, they don’t get involved with.  What’s hard or complicated to explain – even if YOU are good at explaining it – is hard to find people to duplicate it! I don’t want to have to find people with Phd’s to explain the pay plan!

Is World Ventures a respected, successful and growing company – sure it is!

But for me, when looking at them, a 23-page compensation plan with lots of exclusions and “oh, you only get paid up to 65% of such-and-such” is a MAJOR turn-off for me.

That’s why, over months of coming back to them to look again and again, I never pulled the trigger.

It appears the high sign-up fees are used to discount travel back to you.  If not, what’s a $200 sign-up fee for?

My Fun Life, at $25 a month only, with great travel options, and easy and exciting to explain, was the clear winner.
Jon Patrick

PS – if you’ve not looked for yourself at My Fun Life, come check it out here!

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Jon, what the heck are you going on about?

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